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Symbiosis Ranch Volunteer Opportunities

Part of understanding the road to health and wellness is recognizing our connection to our food sources and the Earth. Volunteer opportunities at the Symbiosis Ranch, a biodynamic and organic farm just outside of Mount Pleasant, offers these opportunities below.

All volunteers should email to confirm their attendance in case there is a change in plans by the Ranch. All emails are checked 3x a week, not daily, so plan ahead and communicate your intentions as early as you can for best experience: symbiosisranch@gmail.com

Sustainable Living Classes Schedule

Class Dates Section
April 23 & 24      Time to Clean up the Garden, Prep the Grow Boxes, Spread a Ton of Wood Chips
April 30 & May 1      Mulch the Permaculture Trees and Bushes, Plant Berries, Grapes and Root Crops
May 14 & 15      Stir and Spread Biodynamic Prep on the entire farm and gardens, Green House Work

May 21 & 22      Plant Garden Seeds and Plants from Green House

June 4 & 5      Flower Power Planting and Grooming, Fruit Tree and Fruit Bushes, Weeding, Seed Sorting
June 11 & 12      Garden Care, Green House Clean Up, Possible processing of Strawberries!
June 18 & 18      Garden Care, Some Harvesting of Herbals, Maintenance Sacred Circles in the Woods
June 25 & 26      Preparation for the Annual 4th of Gathering

July 1- 4      Gathering of the Masters $33 each person Camping Weekend
July 9 &10      Making Fermented Foods
July 16 & 17      Harvest of Veggies with Freeze Drying, Dehydrating and possible Canning
July 23 & 24      Weeding, Harvesting and Eating of the Bounty from the Garden, Processing Food
August 6 & 7      Let’s Harvest some more Food and Herbals, Cool off with some Work in the Woods
August 13 & 14      The Harvest goes on and so begins the Seed Saving! Possible Honey Harvest
August 27 & 28      Heck let’s just harvest, seed save and eat some more!
Sept 10 & 11      Garden clean up, Tend to the Honey Bees, Get Creative in the new Worldly Gardens
Sept 24 & 25      Dehydrate Watermelon, Make and Can Fall Soups
Oct 1 & 2      Garden Clean Up, Final Seed Saving, Roast something over the fire!
June 4, 2021 – June 5, 2021     Part 2 Cordwood Building
September 18, 2021 – September 19, 2021     Part 1 Rocket Mass Stove Weekend Workshop