Due to the Governor's Executive Order that takes effect Tuesday at 12:01 a.m., the Naturopathic Institute will be closed through April 12.
Classes will be rescheduled for the weekend of April 3 - 5. The Institute can be reached via email and voice mail, and staff will respond as quickly as possible.


Part of understanding the road to health and wellness is recognizing our connection to our food sources and the Earth. Sustainable Living Classes take place at the Symbiosis Ranch, a biodynamic and organic farm just outside of Mount Pleasant. We offer a wide variety of classes geared toward introducing people to sustainable living and how to maintain that lifestyle.

Natural Sustainability – A Series of Hands-On Classes to Help You Live a Sustainable Life May 22—May 31

The NCC proudly presents a series of sustainable living classes dedicated to improving natural lifestyles. Learn through unique, hands-on experiences at the beautiful Symbiosis Ranch. Classes are limited to 15 students. Register early to save your spot.

Cordwood Building—Part 1, May 22—25 (Friday—Monday)

A completely hands-on course in cordwood structures and foundations that will be a usable four-season sauna by the end of Part 2 (May 29-31). Camping on-site is free (other accommodations available), and two instructors will work side-by-side to help you and your classmates build this amazing, fun, duplicatable and inspiring structure. Students are welcome to stay the entire week for both Cordwood Courses and afternoon classes. A discount of 10% will apply for taking both Part 1 and Part 2. Those working during the week on the project can earn a scholarship to both afternoon classes as a work/trade opportunity.

Seminar Tuition: $399

Constructing a Cob Oven, May 27 (Wednesday, 4 p.m.—8 p.m.)

This afternoon class from will teach you how to build your own oven for incredible bread, pizza and beyond. A great hands-on learning experience!

Seminar Tuition: $50

Building An Outdoor Sun Dehydrator, May 28 (Thursday, 4 p.m.—8 p.m.)

This afternoon class will give you the hands-on experience to build your own Sun Dehydrator, which is even better for food preservation than electric systems. Capturing sunlight into your food brings qualities beyond other forms of preservation.

Seminar Tuition: $50

Cordwood Building—Part 2, May 29—31 (Friday—Sunday)

Learn how to complete a cordwood sauna structure by working on the cordwood itself, installing the wood stove, and making unique interior touches. Students will learn all the key pieces needed to finish a project in full. Hands-on throughout the entire class with quality time for design questions and more. Free camping on-site (other accommodations available). Students are welcome to stay the entire week for both Cordwood Courses, and a discount of 10% will apply for taking both Part 1 and Part 2.

Seminar Tuition: $299