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A non-profit organization dedicated to educating the community about natural health


herbs etc is staffed by experienced consultants and therapists who are dedicated to helping you understand and improve your health, provide nutritional advice and suggest natural remedies.

Naturopaths and Therapists

Bessheen Baker, N.D., Founder and Owner of herbs etc 
Bessheen is a naturopath with a passion for creating life-changing programs. Her background in Natural Health goes all the way back to her childhood. Appointments with her focus on nutrition, non-invasive forms of analysis such as Iridology, Sclerology, Muscle Response Testing and much more. Bessheen is also the founder of the Naturopathic Institute and Naturopathic Community Center.

Amy Jo Howard, C.N., C.H., N.D.
Amy Jo has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Central Michigan University and has graduated from NITE as a Certified Naturopath and Certified Homeopath. Working in the natural health field for over thirteen years, she sees clients on a daily basis and educates them on how to take charge of their health and return to a state of well being. Amy Jo also teaches several courses at NITE and MidMichigan Community College. With her friendly smile and knowledgeable skills, she will help you find balance with your individual health concerns.    

Hattie Archbold, M.T., N.H.T.
Hattie is an enthusiastic and hardworking massage therapist with a strong background in natural health. She specializes in deep tissue therapy, reflexology, and craniosacral therapy. Hattie continues to expand her education working toward completing her Certified Naturopath diploma. 

Carlyn Molloseau, M.T.
Carlyn is a sincere and kindhearted massage and bodywork therapist. She is well respected for her ability to create stress reducing massages that put clients into a deep state of relaxation. Carlyn is incredibly gifted at helping clients feel comfortable, as return visits to her boost your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. She continues to pursue her interest in natural health and creative writing.   


Sally Lewis, Retail Sales Consultant
Sally is passionately interested in herbs and nutrition and is a wonderful resource for customers. Sally always goes the extra mile, making everyone feel at home and giving them the very best service she can offer. Most of all, Sally has a great sense of humor.  

Ashley Rae Stevenson, Natural Health Therapist
With over 20 years combined experience and education in massage, yoga, psychology, art and natural health, Ashley provides natural wellness-based services and tools for relieving physical and emotional distress. Examples of techniques that may be employed in a session can include: mindfulness and meditation approaches, creative problem solving, simple art therapies techniques, guidance in behavioral change, grief work, subtle
energy balancing and release, reflexology, and aromatherapy. Ashley holds a master’s degree in professional counseling, a bachelor of fine arts degree in visual arts and psychology, and certificates in therapeutic bodywork, Hatha yoga and Reiki. She is an alumna of Central Michigan University and the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education.

Rachel Friesen, Natural Health Therapist
You will see Rachel in the store and in the therapy room. She is currently in the second year natural health program at the Naturopathic Institute and has a passion for helping people. Rachel plans to continue her education, earn her naturopathic certification, and then, travel the world, helping people and learning about different cultures. 

Herb Lewis, Chief Executive Maintenance Officer
After retiring from the field of construction, Herb was taking it easy at home, attending the occasional bowling tournament and traveling with his wife, Sally. He now completes multiple tasks inside and outside of herbs etc., as well as develops and maintains our herbal gardens. Herb is kind and helpful no matter the task.

Cindy Howard, Support Staff
This woman gets things done! Caring for the many needs of herbs etc clientele and staff keeps you on your toes, and Cindy does it with a smile. She can be found helping in the Therapy Room and supporting the Naturopathic Community Center

Connie Behm, Support Staff
Connie is delightful and upbeat to be around, which makes her a perfect hostess for our herbs etc’s Therapy Room. Connie is retired and loves spreading the good news about natural health. We are grateful to have her as a support staff member.

Gloria Guthrie, Accounting
Gloria is a well-respected local accounts manager who grew up in the Mount Pleasant area. Gloria is extremely friendly and has a positive outlook, even about taxes! She has been essential in organizing the multi-dynamic aspects of herbs etc., the Naturopathic Institute and the Naturopathic Community Center.

Denise Denman, Store Associate

Ginny Haight, Store Associate