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Natural Healing Packages

Naturopathic Packages that get Results

For over 20 years, Herbs etc has worked to provide people in Mount Pleasant and beyond with natural medical solutions through the use of naturopathic remedies. The natural medicine and therapy solutions at Herbs etc, are designed to treat the whole body. Our patients are treated with all natural and holistic treatments to provide complete all around health. Finding a natural medical remedy that treats the underlying causes of symptoms is what our therapists and naturopathics strive for. Our natural medical remedies are intended to provide a non-invasive solution for what is causing discomfort or pain in our patients lives. By using the body’s own ability to heal itself, our natural methods and natural medicines leave our patients more able to prevent ailments in the future.

Natural Remedies for your Body

Our wide variety of natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other natural medicines are just part of the solution. The therapies offered through our therapy room packages are the other part of our treatments. Being able to utilize all the self-serve, natural medical amenities in our therapy room is a vital aspect the services we offer at Herbs etc.

Cleansing Retreat

Our detoxification programs are specifically designed to target and eliminate toxins from your body. Toxins build up in our bodies over time for various reasons. Stress, improper diet and malnutrition, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, physical ailments due to work, plus a wide variety of other reasons. People come in contact with these toxins in their daily lives and over time they can build up in the body causing harm and discomfort. These toxins need to be dealt with in order for you to feel cleansed and rejuvenated. Our treatments are tailor made to do just that. Our safe, effective, and natural medical solutions include therapeutic massage treatment, relaxation massage, lymphatic drains, color therapy, magnetic bio-photon bed treatment, infrared sauna, plus many more.

People’s health and well-being is our mission and our natural medicine and therapies deliver our patients to health in the safest, and natural way. Our methods and herbal medicines are non-invasive and wont conflict with any patients existing medications or medical treatments. A naturopathic approach to health is what Herbs etc believes in and our professional naturopaths and therapists take the utmost amount of care when it comes to our patients.

Herbs etc Naturopathic Packages

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The natural restorative abilities of the body are amazing when you take a natural, holistic and healthy approach to well-being. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today at (989) 773-3636. Our personal and accommodating customer representatives will answer your questions and address your concerns with a smile. Let the helpful people at Herbs etc guide you along the path to health and well-being naturally.