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herbs etc uses a reputable company, Biotone, to provide all of our massage products. Biotone continuously develops their products to meet the changing needs of massage therapists and the clients they serve. They frequently introduce new concepts in texture and effectiveness for a wide variety of therapy techniques. Here are just a few of Biotone’s products available at herbs etc:

  • Revitalizing Massage Oil—Recommended for beginner and advanced massage therapists, Revitalizing Massage Oil is one of the most versatile, natural-based oils created. The secret is its blend of special nut oils (cold-pressed Sweet Almond, Hawaiian Kukui Nut and Coconut) that offers superior texture and even penetration. With a light glide and all-over control, it’s ideally suited to a wide range of massage techniques. Excellent for the skin: contains Vitamin E to improve firmness. A natural water dispersant minimizes staining of linens. Unscented.
  • Advanced Therapy Massage Formulas—Finally, for those with sensitive skin or allergies—safe, tested, hypoallergenic massage formulas with no drying alcohols. Nothing to irritate the skin. Sensitivity tested and proven safe, Advanced Therapy Massage formulas contain no drying alcohol, mineral, nut oils or strong fragrance. Use as often as you like; won’t dry or irritate your hands and your clients will trust you’re using only the gentlest products on their skin. Based with Apricot, Grapeseed and Sesame Oils, in a complete range of high glide to light friction textures for a variety of massage techniques. Sanitarily dispensed for your clinical or office setting.
  • Clear Results—The massage oil that won’t stain your sheets. Thanks to Biotone, now you can finally get the oil texture you love, without the worry of stained, smelling linens. Clear Results’ light, silky formula washes out easily from fabrics, leaving your sheets and towels looking their best. In fact, recent comparison studies show Clear Results washed out more cleanly and completely than any other oil tested. Contains Jojoba Oil and Aloe.