Closed Thursday November 25 through Sunday November 28. Regular hours of operation starts Monday the 29th.

Room Rates

Students of the Naturopathic Institute who are also NCC members can stay at the Center for $75 for the weekend.

Members of the Naturopathic Community Center are also welcome during weekdays and available weekends for $75 per night per guest, second and consecutive nights are only $20 per person per night.

Guests enjoy:

  • Multiple Rooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Use of fully furnished kitchen
  • Use of entire Therapy Room (includes Infrared Sauna, De-Toxing Foot Soak, Magnetic Bio-Photon Bed, Toning Exercise Tables, Automatic Massage Bed, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, and the Body Vibe.)

Annual Membership is only $20. Stop by today to receive your Membership Application.

For more details and to register, call 989-773-1714.