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Room Rates

Students of the Naturopathic Institute who are also NCC members can stay at the Center for $75 for the weekend.

Members of the Naturopathic Community Center are also welcome during weekdays and available weekends for $75 per night per guest, second and consecutive nights are only $20 per person per night.

Guests enjoy:

  • Multiple Rooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Use of fully furnished kitchen
  • Use of entire Therapy Room (includes Infrared Sauna, De-Toxing Foot Soak, Magnetic Bio-Photon Bed, Toning Exercise Tables, Automatic Massage Bed, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, and the Body Vibe.)

Annual Membership is only $20. Stop by today to receive your Membership Application.

For more details and to register, call 989-773-1714.