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What happens if I can’t take some scheduled classes?

All you have to do is wait until the class you missed comes around again! You have up to three years to complete a program from the date you started.

Can I take classes out of order, or maybe combine two years into one?

Yes, but this depends on the program. The first six Therapeutic Bodywork classes and their labs are taken in order, and there are prerequisites for some other classes in all programs. Also, all classes aren’t offered at all times, so working carefully with the schedule is necessary to try to accommodate possible combinations. Often students are able to join the natural health program in the middle of the year or even take classes in two programs at the same time (if scheduling permits).

Does NITE offer any scholarships or financial assistance?

We are happy to offer a payment plan, and we accept credit cards which has helped many students. Additionally, we assist many students through Michigan Works, Michigan Rehabilitation and other similar organizations. Applications and information are available at the Administrative office.

If I already have a massage therapy diploma, do I have to take all of the NITE beginning classes?

This will be considered on an individual basis by the Director of Education, although it is often strongly recommended that students complete our entire program from the beginning.

I already have my own massage table; can I get credited for that?

Yes, with approval of the Director of Education.

What do I have to supply?

You will be required to bring note-taking materials, and in the case of the massage therapy program, five twin size sheets, two towels (one bath and one hand)—details will be explained before classes begin.

When do I have to pay?

Initial payment of tuition should be at least two weeks before classes begin, whether that is the entire amount or the down payment. If you are on the payment plan, the monthly amount is due on the 1st of the month; there is a $30 fee for late payment.

Will NITE help me find a job?

We don’t provide a placement service, but we do notify qualified students and graduates whenever we are contacted about employment possibilities.

What can I do with a NITE diploma?

…The possibilities are endless! Come talk to us!