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Challenge your mind; find your calling

Find what you are passionate about and develop your skills through any of our life-changing programs. At the Naturopathic Institute, we don’t just provide you with information, we give you an experience. Our programs are not only designed to open up doors for you professionally, but to help you discover yourself and actualize who you want to be. 


Students are encouraged to engage in hands-on training alongside Founder Bessheen Baker, N.D., and other qualified practitioners during Clinic Days. An accelerated learning experience that puts your classroom knowledge and skills to the test. 

Extended Learning

Join us for Saturday Seminars with challenging and inspiring classes beyond your program. Want to dive deeper into a certain topic? Saturday Seminars are just the thing for a passionate student who just wants more.

Student Services

You won’t be alone as you tackle your education at the Naturopathic Institute. Everything from tutoring and administration support to referrals for job opportunities is available. Joining the NITE academic experience is like joining a family.