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Class Description
Nutrition Learn the importance of balance in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates; proper food combining; the difference between processed and unprocessed foods; proper use of vitamins and minerals.
Herbs and Muscle Response Testing Understanding the nutritional benefits of herbs; their identification classes and proper use; learn to evaluate clients’ needs through this unique, non-invasive technique.
Flower Remedies and Essential Oils Gain tools for assisting with the incredible emotional and spiritual experiences of pregnancy, birth, and childrearing; oils are used to stimulate or reduce contractions, ease the pain of childbirth, and offer welcoming aromas to the newborn baby; flower essences help to provide confidence, security, and hope throughout the many phases of this incredible experience.
Naturopathy for the Childbearing Years Explore the field of natural health related to pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Build on knowledge of nutrition, herbs, flower remedies, essential oils, homeopathy, reflexology, and massage techniques specific to the childbearing years; and discuss a wide range of natural modalities for various interventions.
*The Magic and Anatomy of Birth I Build the foundation for understanding the many dimensions of the birthing process, including cultural, political, emotional, and hormonal, as well as other physical components; from the history of birth in the U.S. to deeply exploring pain’s role and relief in labor; students will begin to understand how they might most effectively contribute to the birth journey of their clients; and also, what it means, personally and professionally, to attend to others in birth.
*The Magic and Anatomy of Birth II Experience through vivid stories the normal birth and its many variations, along with the role of the doula in medical or home settings; in addition to traversing the labor process in detail, students will learn to apply their knowledge of natural health to the unique experience of birth; topics include; facilitating informed consent, communication with birthing families and medical personnel, navigating medical interventions, postpartum care, and supporting families when birth does not go smoothly; this class offers the chance for students to bring all their knowledge together and become a Holistic Doula.
Internship (100 hours) Participate in the pregnancy, labor, birth, and infant care of three families; work in a variety of settings to gain experience in understanding how each individual birth is unique; share with other labor companions and midwives your individual journey.
Final Exam Testing includes a written exam, practical demonstration of skills, and an oral exam.