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Our doors are always open 

We strive to create an environment where you feel like you belong. Our approach to academics is less than conventional, inviting students from all educational backgrounds to take part in the profound, life-altering information that the Naturopathic Institute programs have to offer.

That being said, our doors are open and we are here to support you.

Academic Services

Academic Advising
Need help figuring out which program is best for you? Unsure how to make double enrollment in two programs work? Our administration team is here to help. Make an appointment and get the clarity you need to move forward.

We offer free tutoring and homework assistance to full-time students. Email or call the school with your questions or arrange a meeting with one of our skilled naturopaths.

College Catalog
You can explore NITE’s academic catalog to learn more about our programs and see how we can best serve you.

Course Schedule
View our course schedule for the upcoming year and see how one of our programs can work for you. 

Lending Library
Students are invited to use the Naturopathic Institute’s Lending Library, filled with hundreds of books on natural health and the art of healing.

Many students travel from a distance for our weekend classes and are comforted to find a home away from home at our facility. For $75 per weekend, students have the option of staying in one of our many themed guest bedrooms, access to three bathrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, and use of our entire Therapy Room (which includes Infrared Sauna, Detoxing Foot Soak, Magnetic Bio-Photon Bed, Toning Exercise Tables, Automatic Massage Bed, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, and the Body Vibe).

If that doesn’t suit you, we can point you to recommended hotels in town.