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Student Massage Client – Online Application

Professional Massage Client Application
I am at least 16 years of age
Would you be interested in a free health evaluation from a natural health student?
(this is part of the student curriculum and will be scheduled like the massage labs - regular cost is $99)

As a professional school for Natural Health, Massage, Bodywork Therapy, and Holistic Doulas, we are looking for Professional Student Massage Clients to assist our students in their learning process. To give our students a "real life" experience in their field, we need clients of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities.

Not only does it help our students and staff to have you as part of this process, it is an amazing experience for you. It's a perfect way to introduce yourself to new therapies, relax, and help a student on their path to success; all for only $20!

However, there are a few requirements that you must meet in order to qualify to be a Professional Student Massage Client. Please read carefully and agree to each of the following to verify that you meet the requirements and sign the form on the reverse side to be considered.

As a Student Client:

Therapies Section

I agree to receive any of the following therapies: (Please check all that apply)

Massage often involves full body, i.e., neck, back, arms, shoulders, and legs, to loosen & relax muscular tension, help with flexibility, boost immune system, and improve attitude.
During this therapy, you relax fully-clothed on a massage table while the therapist uses a light touch to hold points of tension along the sacrum and spine and ori the cranium. This helps to improve the flow of fluid that nourishes the nerves that affect the function of every body system.
This therapy will focus on your feet; reflexing the 7200 nerve endings to increase circulation, work out areas of tension and congestion, relieve pain, and promote your well being.
Light Healing Touch
Designed to reduce stress and negativity from others as well as pollution from cell phones, computers, etc.; this unique and popular therapy uses light touch and the space around your body to remove congestion in and around your body, greatly improving mental clarity, energy, drive, and optimism.

If you meet the professional student massage client requirements, you will be added to the Professional Student Massage Client Call List and contacted as scheduling begins. Please remember, these courses are an important part of our students' education, and your attendance is crucial to their success.


A receipt of my $20 donation will be given at the time of the session/payment.


I have read and understand this information.

Enter name for acknowledgment of all requirements and to verify that the information provided is correct.