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Wholistic Approach to the Fall

Most Important Public Conference in History 

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

9 am to 5 pm

$50 per person

Morey School
380 W. Blanchard Rd.
Shepherd, Michigan

Available through our Yin/Yang Chef Team for an additional affordable cost

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Event Topics

History of Retro-Viruses
Charis Suemnick, Natural Health Therapist, will walk you through the history of viruses and their variants. How we got to where we are today!
Injections: What You Need to Know
Carla Anderson, Natural Health Therapist, will teach on the effects of injections. What to do to support your body with or without them.
Surviving a Cytokine Storm
Naturopathic Doctor, Jackie Featherly, will be an amazing guest speaker as she coaches on the importance of helping yourself or loved ones in times of circulatory or respiratory distress.
Immune System Highlights
Chloe Kolberg, Natural Health Therapist, will give you a crash course on the immune system and how you can strengthen it before the fall.

Additional Topics Covered:

  • Essential Oils for Viruses
  • Breath Work & Tapping for Stress
  • Homeopathics for the Pandemic
  • Herbs and Minerals for Immunity
  • Home Remedies for Emergencies
  • Emotional Support during Crisis