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Ask the Naturopath: An Adrenal Evaluation

Do you awaken feeling groggy and have trouble dragging yourself out of bed in the morning? Do you need coffee to help get you going? Are you relying on sweets in the afternoon to keep your energy up? Is your thinking foggy? If this sounds familiar, your adrenal glands may be out of balance. To help pinpoint the imbalance and to design a program of natural remedies that will improve your energy and restore your health, consider an Ask the Naturopath appointment for an adrenal evaluation.

At herbs etc an Ask the Naturopath appointment is only $10 for a 15-minute assessment. Meet with a knowledgeable naturopath who will focus specifically on what remedies will work best with your own body chemistry to ensure that those you choose will be most helpful for you.

To schedule a time, call 989-773-3636 and start feeling better right away.