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DHEA for Drive

DHEA, known formally as dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands which is then converted into male or female hormones by the body. It is believed to be the only hormone that declines with age, and research has found that, by the age of 70,
most people register at one-quarter of the DHEA levels found in an average 25 year-old.

This hormone plays a vital role in the aging process and proper levels improve energy, endurance, immunity, libido, muscle tone, memory, insulin function, sleep, and general well-being. If the adrenal glands have become fatigued, then they are probably not producing adequate levels of DHEA.

Nature’s Sunshine offers two different formulas to supplement DHEA. There is DHEA-F for women that is combined with herbs that support the female glandular system, and for males, there is DHEA-M that is combined with herbs to support the male glandular
system. Consider an “Ask the Naturopath” appointment if you think one of these may benefit you.