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Discount Organic Food Club Begins

It’s not a co-op: that requires time, board members and more than most of us have energy for! Quite to the point, we are getting together to save money on good food and make it more accessible and support Michigan and other good food growers.

The NCC has researched great food sources and using the strength of multiple people buying, received a discount for us all. We will order by the 14th of each month, and the pick
up will occur at herbs etc, 503 E. Broadway St. in Mt. Pleasant, the 4th Saturday of each month! So far, we have a Michigan turkey farm, beef farm, organic apple and honey orchard, berry farm, nuts, beans, flour/grain, grass fed cheese products, coconut products, local produce, greens year round, Redman  salt and more! Please join us for a start up information meeting and to get your order booklet to see your options. The introductory
meeting will be Saturday, March 29, at 6 p.m., and should only be one hour. If you cannot attend, you will still be able to place orders or ask questions with Deb Porter our amazing
volunteer 989-854-0317.