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Fluoride-Free is the Way to Be

Have you read the label of a “commercial” toothpaste and noticed that it says, if ingested,
call poison control? Do you know that this is because of the fluoride content in the toothpaste? Do you know the truth about fluoride? According to the handbook, “Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products,” fluoride is more poisonous than lead. It is actually a man made environmental pollutant and is a cumulative poison that accumulates in the body over time. It has been shown to cause skin eruptions, gastric distress, headaches,
cancer cell formation, Down’s syndrome, and hypothyroidism. The original studies that reported fluoride as being helpful for tooth decay are now being called fraudulent, and new research is showing that fluoride actually worsens the teeth (and numerous other things).

Keep your internal environment healthy. Use a natural toothpaste with-OUT fluoride.