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Health, Sweet Health

Nutrition is a huge area for us to make healthy, conscious choices. The more we choose to
eat unprocessed, unrefined, real, fresh, and organic foods the healthier we will be.

However, let’s highlight the dangers of false sweeteners. These show up in the forms of high fructose corn syrup, splenda (which is more chemically similar to chlorine than sugar), aspartame, nutrasweet, acesulfame-K, and even other names. Some products that you might find these in include diet pop, processed foods, and any low-fat, low sugar products.
These false sweeteners are highly toxic to the nervous system and are very addictive.
They have been linked to weight gain, and aspartame has been shown to cause cancer. Many families have seen success with their children who were labeled “ADHD” simply by avoiding high fructose corn syrup.

An educated choice would be to research and get to know the names of the fake sweeteners and to avoid buying any products that list them as ingredients. It would also be beneficial to know which sweeteners are not chemicals and are safe for the body to consume. Healthier sweeteners would be honey, maple syrup,
and stevia. Even small changes add up to big results!