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Heart Attacks: “Left for Dead” by Dick Quinn

Dick Quinn had a near fatal heart attack and a failed bypass at age 42, and as part of his recovery, he turned to herbs and lived seventeen years longer than any of his medical doctors expected him to live. His book, “Left for Dead,” is the story of his study of the herbs that saved his life and how he came to develop his own formulas in order to help other people prevent heart attacks, stroke, blood pressure concerns, cholesterol problems, and low energy without drugs or surgery. Sales of his formulas boomed until 1991, when the FDA intervened. Frustrated, Quinn wrote this book to share his information and also to expose the business behind medical practices. His touching, true story will inspire new ideas about your own health care.

An excerpt from “Left for Dead” by Dick Quinn:

The secret: keep your plumbing clean.

You and I have thousands of miles of arteries, veins, capillaries and arterials, all of which
must be kept clean. As I learned from my 1978 heart attack, you need every inch. Surgery
only deals with a tiny part of the system, and it doesn’t even fix that. So, surgery fails.
Coronary bypass, angioplasty, and gimmicks like the laser, stent, and the “roto rooter” do not extend your life, improve your quality of life, or prevent a heart attack. Statistics prove
they do not benefit the patient, so they don’t work. There is nothing in them for you but
pain, depression, ruin, and death. I keep my arteries clean with herbs. They’re cheap, easy to use, and they work. It’s easy. I just get up every morning and take some capsules. For this and other enlightening reads, browse the books inside Herbs, Etc. There is something for everyone; find books on: gardening, cooking, cleansing the body, anatomy, essential
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