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Institute Lab Now Open to Students!

NITE Students: pack up your clients, turn on some relaxing tunes in the van, and make your way here for a day in the “Lab.”

The “Lab” is the room at the Institute where naturopaths can do a Biological Age Assessment, Live Blood Analysis, Voice Analysis, and take Iridology photos for their clients.  This allows them to collect a lot of information regarding their client’s health.

Beginning  in August  on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Lab is for rent!

This will enable you, NITE students, to bring 4 of your clients and have one of the naturopaths here perform all of these assessments for them.  Then, you receive all of your clients’ analysis information which will help you refine your health programs with them.  You can either make use of classroom space to hold consultations with your clients regarding the new information right away, or you may take all of the information home with you and do your consultations in your regular space.

To rent the “Lab”, call Herbs etc to reserve your day and time.  The cost will be $25 for each assessment that your client chooses:  Biological Age Assessment, Live Blood Analysis, Voice Analysis, and Iridology photos, or $99 per client for all four assessments.

While your clients are waiting their turn in the Lab, they are welcome to purchase a $25 day pass for     unlimited use of the Therapy Room which includes the Body Vibe, an infrared sauna, color therapy, sound therapy, magnetic bed, and automatic massage bed.  Additionally, any of your clients who preschedule a massage for the time that they are here, can receive it at a discounted cost of $54!

Students, this is a great opportunity to have access to analysis equipment without the expense of purchasing it for your own office.  A live blood analysis gives you a first hand look at the cells of the body, the state of the immune system, and much more.  A Biological Age Assessment tells you how old the body is feeling at a cellular level.  The Voice Analysis indicates overall body balance according to sound.   All of these gives you additional tools to address those tough   cases, or maybe, your clients do just need a fun field trip dedicated to their health!