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Is Corn Syrup Controlling Your Child?

Maybe, you’ve heard that corn syrup is not healthy. Or, to the contrary, you’ve
seen the commercial sponsored by the corn farmers telling you that corn syrup is
“natural.” Here is one family’s experience with the very real dangers of corn syrup.

When this particular little boy was in the first grade, he started to act differently
than he used to act. Instead of being the very loving, sweet and gentle spirit that
he normally was, he started having what his mom referred to as “meltdowns,”
where he would come home from school and be very mean and angry. At first, his
parents thought it was related to having problems with his teacher, but that didn’t
seem to be the issue. The meltdowns worsened; he would lash out, having violent
rages where he would punch walls, shake his bed, tear things apart, and hit his parents and threaten to kill them. His mom would have bruises resulting from these rages, and on the worst days, his dad would have to stay home and restrain him for most of the day. These poor parents wondered what they were doing wrong as parents, and the sweet little boy
would sob after the rage was over and apologize, saying he wondered what was wrong
with him. It got so bad for the family that the parents, who have two other children,
wondered whether it was safe for him to continue to stay in the home and if they
should send him away at Christmas time.

One of the last, worst episodes occurred after mom had bought some chocolate corn puff cereal on sale for a treat, and the little boy had eaten quite a lot. When one of the worst rages followed, mom called her naturopath and asked if there was anything they could do. The naturopath said to immediately avoid all corn syrup and corn products. What happened next was a miracle. An amazing turnaround occurred, and the sweet little boy returned. Now, he’s still a kid, but there are no violent rages. Mom can tell when he’s had a food with corn syrup in it, and he even reads labels now and chooses to avoid those things that have it listed in the ingredients. His mom says that he has taken control of it, because he doesn’t want to be that person. She said that it’s totally changed their lives, and all they did was take out corn syrup, and it’s made a world of difference. That little boy is now almost eleven years old and has been able to be himself for the past year.

In looking back, the family realized that, in first grade, he started eating school lunches with corn syrup being in the chocolate milk, canned fruit, and other foods that he was eating at school. They also discovered that over the counter cough medicine is another source of the toxin.

This is truly an eye opening account of how seriously corn syrup, or any chemical additive, can impact the health of one person, not to mention the impact it has on an entire family. It is also an inspiring story of how one can choose to take responsibility for one’s own health and heal themselves on all levels of
being. What a journey!