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Natural, Non-Invasive methods to Evaluate Your Health

In the field of natural health, we are looking for the root cause of an illness. To find it, we do not run expensive tests that require you to be exposed to radiation, or that stop the spin of your natural electromagnetic field, or that require you to swallow poisonous liquids.

Our bodies are constantly giving us information about how well they are functioning, and they give us signs when we are out of balance. Every “symptom” is a sign; for example, headaches, pains, marks on the skin, red lines in the whites of the eye—they are all signs. A naturopath is trained to read those signs and translate to you what they mean. Following is a list of noninvasive methods of assessing health; in other words, different ways to read the signs.

Live Blood Analysis: By looking at one drop of blood, under a dark-field microscope, you can see the quality of your red blood cells and your white blood cells. These and other markers in the blood relate to your digestion, immune system, levels of minerals, bacteria, parasites, energy level, and more.

Biological Terrain Assessment: Also called Quantitative Fluid Analysis, this assessment
takes a first morning urine sample and saliva sample after a 12 hour fast and determines mineral levels, cellular energy metabolism, levels of hydration, digestion, antioxidants, and more. You receive a print out that shows which areas of the body are most stressed, and it even tells your biological age—how old your body feels!

Voice Analysis: Speak into a microphone, and the notes in your voice are analyzed, revealing which notes are missing and which notes may be overused. Every organ, like a piano, is tuned to a certain note, or frequency, and imbalances in the notes of your voice will show which areas of the body are “out of tune.”

Muscle Response Testing: This form of assessment uses a test muscle (for example, the
arm) and the electromagnetic energy of the body to gauge responses to certain substances or even works with acupressure-type points on the body to evaluate the health of the organs. This type of evaluation is valuable for assessing hormones, parasites, amino acids, and much more.

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