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Need to Feel Happier? Clean the Liver…Reducing Irritability and Grumpiness

Rhythms are an important part of life. The heart has a rhythm, breathing has a rhythm, the flow of our spinal fluid has a rhythm, and even the progression of our daily activities has a rhythm. When one of these rhythms becomes out of sync, we often feel it in some way, whether physically or emotionally, or both.

In natural health, Spring brings awareness to the rhythm of Wood energy. The element Wood conveys to us an energy that allows adaptability, flexibility, the ability to set and achieve goals, to make quick decisions, and to have stable health. When we do not have a balance of the Wood element in our lives because of stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, negative thoughts and attitudes, lack of exercise, and other stressors, this energy does not flow through us. In turn, the stagnant energy creates reactions of anger, resentment,
frustration, irritability, quick tempered-ness, and bitterness. These emotional blockages affect the function of the liver.

The liver has over 5,000 functions in the body, including regulating bile secretion for breaking down fats, removing waste products and bacteria from the blood, detoxifying the body from prescription drugs and other substances, storing key vitamins and minerals, regulating blood clotting, converting glucose into glycogen for energy storage, and producing cholesterol. When the liver becomes congested, symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, dry eyes, tendonitis, menstrual pain, digestion issues, difficulty sleeping, low energy, aches and pains, and more can result.

One thing to take note of is that the liver regenerates between 1-3 a.m. So, if you are staying up too late at night, you are not allowing the liver time to regenerate, and if you are waking up between these times, your liver is trying to tell you that it needs some

Also, we need to consider the number of environmental toxins to which we are exposed to that stress the detoxification pathways of the liver and increase our likelihood of
dis-ease states. These toxins include industrial poisons, heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium, electromagnetic pollution, irradiation of foods, genetically modified foods, and other dyes and chemicals in our food, water, and air. This is why it is important to eat
local, organic foods, to drink pure water, and to take some time to do deep breathing. Minimizing cell phone, computer, wi-fi, heavy metal, and chemical exposure will also benefit your health. So, if there are any angry or irritable inhabitants in your house, spring
cleaning includes the liver, and there are lots of natural remedies that are helpful.

Herbally, consider Liver Cleanse Formula, Gall Bladder Formula, Chinese Mood Elevator, Chinese Liver Balance, Chinese Blood Build, and of course, Dandelion tea.

The Essential Oil Blends Juva Cleanse and Juva Flex are fantastic to use aromatically and topically.

Homeopathic Remedies to address the liver include Chelidonium, Lycopodium, Nat sulph, and Nux vomica.

Working with the meridians, or the energy pathways, for the liver and gallbladder will aid in restoring energy flow to those organs and the body areas that they affect. To trace the Gallbladder Meridian, place your fingertips outside of your eyes on both sides of your body. Now, begin moving your fingertips up over your head, down your back and legs, and down to the outside of your fourth toes. To trace the Liver meridian, place your fingertips on the outside of the big toes on both  sides of your body. Now, move your fingertips up the
front of the body, ending when you reach your ribcage.  It is best to trace each meridian pathway three times, tracing on both sides of the body.

As you can see, liver health is very important to your optimal health, and Spring provides a great opportunity for cleansing the liver and bringing the body back into homeostasis. So, if you are looking to feel happier, healthier, and better than ever, clean your liver!

Consider scheduling an appointment for a health consultation with one of the naturopaths at Herbs, Etc. to help personalize your liver cleansing program.