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New Sacred Geometry & Quantum Physics Course

A Rare Opportunity Awaits …Dowsing, Plus Tools and Techniques to Balance Your Home and Body

You will be introduced to sacred geometry and quantum physics, the basis for the Light-Life® Tools. Learn about the history of how Slim Spurling came to invent the first Light-Life® Ring and the multitude of tools that followed. You will learn how the tools are used for energizing your water, food, and your life, protecting your environment from disruptive energies, reducing pollution, and encouraging plant growth for home and garden. Applications of the Light-Life® Tools for healing will be demonstrated. Those who are new to this work will be amazed and inspired by Slims Light-Life® Tools. Those who already have our tools will learn new applications, as well as getting a chance to see our latest inventions, some of which may not yet have been introduced.

Katharina Spurling-Kaffl is President and CEO of IX-EL, Inc., the only authorized manufacturer of Slim Spurling’s Light-Life® Tools. Katharina and Slim’s marriage in 2001 wed their commitment to their shared dream of bringing harmony and healing to the world and its entire people. Since Slim’s passing in 2007, Katharina and her dedicated team have continued manufacturing the original Light-Life® Tools, while also creating new tools to help us adapt to the energy changes happening on the planet today. Her passion to educate people about the multiple applications of the Light-Life® Tools is ignited by the amazing results people report, from relieving pain and healing injuries, to releasing emotional distress, to improving the quality of water, and to diverting tornados and hurricanes. The list is endless, and the impact on life and the environment is unparalleled.

Course Days:    Monday & Tuesday, 9:30 am—6 pm

Early Bird Discount:     $275 for registration by June 1st
After June 1:                    $310  per person

Call Julie at the NCC to register today (989)773-1714