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NITE’s 20 Year Anniversary/Homecoming – June 2015

It’s been an amazing twenty years of non stop adventure. To celebrate, we are having a Homecoming Outing!  Every alumni of every program is welcome, all students, instructors past and present are also invited to attend.

The celebration will take place at the Ranch on Friday and Saturday, June 5th and 6th, 2015. Campers by tent or trailer are welcome to stay, rooms will be available at the institute and space is available in the cabin at the ranch as well.

Our first goal is to get together for quality time, great food and stories. There will be opportunities for group discussions, updates on fields of study lead by instructors and alumni and just plain fun.

Prizes will be given and games will be played, a hayride, good music and a great fire will occur on both evenings.  Campers are welcome to stay through Sunday and enjoy the woods, gardens, nearby river, river rafting and plenty more.

If there is a student or alumni that has moved or is not currently in contact with the Institute, would you be so kind as to pass the invitation on to them!

RSVP’s will be helpful so that we can pass on more details.  The ranch will be providing organic eggs and meat for meals as well as service wear and some beverages. There will be a large potluck on Saturday for lunch.  We sincerely hope you will attend.  Spouses and children are always welcome.