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Non-Toxic Female Products

A huge contributing factor to the increase in hormone imbalance is the petrochemicals we are exposed to in the environment.  Petrochemicals are found in plastics, microchips, pharmaceutical drugs, soaps, perfumes, clothing, and even our foods!  To give you an idea of how detrimental this exposure is, consider this:  Studies have been done on animals exposed to petrochemicals from toxic spills into lakes and areas downstream of sewage plants, and a majority of these animal populations  experienced difficulty reproducing.

Now, as a woman, imagine that you are exposed to this toxicity regularly, every month in addition to any other exposure from the environment.  Is it any wonder that more and more couples are having trouble conceiving?

One way to reduce your exposure is to change the type of hygiene products that you use     regularly.  Herbs etc now carries Natracare feminine hygiene products.  This company was created in 1989 by Susie Hewson out of concern for the damaging effects of dioxin pollution on women’s health and the environment.  Today, they are available to offer women a quality,  natural choice.

The familiar sanitary pads and liners we have grown up with are made from over 90% plastic which is a by-product of the petroleum industry, together with dioxin-releasing chlorine bleached wood pulp. The list of plastic materials used in feminine hygiene products includes polyethylene (commonly known as polythene also used to make disposable shopping bags), polypropylene, and the superabsorbent polyacrylates, the creation of which produces environmental and climate  changing toxins.

For each monthly cycle, it makes sense to choose a pad that is made from natural materials.  Many gynecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use Natracare pads to reduce their contact with chlorine bleached materials, and also products containing synthetics and super-absorbents made from petrochemicals.  Not to mention that plastic is not biodegradable, and sanitary products containing these crude oil polymers (also called polyolefins) pollute the land and oceans of the world for all eternity.

Natracare’s multiple award winning range of      organic cotton tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners, nursing pads, baby, and intimate wipes are unique in being made from only certified organic and natural, sustainable, and renewable materials that are biodegradable and compostable.

Natracare’s environmental commitment is reaffirmed by becoming the first brand to achieve a scientifically validated, independently accredited life cycle analysis in the form of an international Environmental Product Declaration (EPD – www.environdec.com) in 2008, as well as achieving an SIS green labeling accreditation.

To read more about hormones, toxins that mimic hormones, and their effects, check into these books:

  • “The Feminization of Nature” by Deborah Cadbury
  • “Hormone Heresy” by Sherrill Sellman
  • “Our Stolen Future” by Theo Colburn
  • “Passage to Power” by Leslie Kenton
  • “The Water You Drink—How Safe Is It?”                 by John Archer

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