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Over Twenty Years of Naturopathy

Hello friends, I am still here. After, twenty plus years of natural health appointments, classes, seminars, and more, I wouldn’t change a thing about being a Naturopath. Recently, it was in my (and my family’s) best interest to take 6 months off from seeing clients and finish the work on building our new home and ranch. The ranch project had been on my mind and on the design board for a few years, then 3 years ago, we began physically building it. Construction will be complete at the end of 2012, and next year, we will take the 2nd to last step in building the herbal and angle gardens that will make up the front yard. The ranch includes home, greenhouse, home for my parents, and garage/barn all connected and underground (for the most part). It is off the grid and working towards being self sustaining. We are over 50% there on the sustainability with our own eggs, meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, wood heat, and solar panels. It has been a true labor of love, sometimes more for me than the younger ranch members.

We have enjoyed students, volunteers, and curious guests by the bus and van load during the entire process. As 2013 begins, we will start small with classes monthly and expand into a full experience hands on training facility. We plan to add a row of yurts, more gardens, and even a sweat lodge. If you wish to see or be a part of this amazing project, start by attending the free Tuesday night classes or one day ranch classes.

Why this after 20 years? It’s a natural evolution: you see people struggling for better health, and it all starts with going back to basics. We need a healthy, happy work environment, nutritious food, work that gives fitness and appreciation for the land, each other, and the simple things in life. We are creating it as an inspirational model. Come see what you can do with a little dirt, hard work and a smile.