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Protect your Home with Orgonite

by Kara McNabb, N.H.E.

As wi-fi, cell phone, TV, and radio towers permeate the air surrounding us with electromagnetic frequencies, our health is taking a toll as our bodies absorb this invisible force.

One thing you can do to protect yourself is carry orgonite with you or plant it in areas that generally produce a high amount of EMF pollution. Orgonite is a layered blend of metal shavings or steel wool (non-organic material) and fiberglass resin (organic material), plus quartz. Together, this combination turns negative energy into positive energy continuously.

When orgonite is worn or placed around areas that accumulate a higher amount of EMFs, such as your computer or cell phone, you can expect several benefits. Some of those reported include deeper sleep and relief from insomnia and chronic nightmares, balanced mood, increased mental clarity and happiness.

The effects we’re seeing from EMF pollution extend beyond our physical health and impact the planet, as well. Placing orgonite near cell phone or radio towers, power plants, in lakes, rivers, or even in your own yard, results in noticeable effects. The orgonite purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water and helps with drought conditions. It also repels pests, contributes to healthier garden plants, and your plants require less water.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the powerful combination in the 1930s after detecting and measuring the existence of etheric energy, which he called orgone (similar to vital force, chi, prana). All living things contain protect your home with orgonite by Kara McNabb, N.H.E.this etheric energy. The discovery was used in the treatment of cancer, with further research and provings conducted decades later in both Germany and Russia. Since, several advancements have enabled orgonite to be made and used safely in our homes.

herbs etc carries several types of orgonite, including jewelry to wear, pieces to place by your computer, throw in your child’s backpack or adhere to your cell phone.