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Radiation is a Real Threat

Following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, their nuclear reactors began leaking radiation. Considering which news sources you rely on, this may or may not be affecting you, here, so far away from Japan.

Please think about this with common sense: No amount of radiation is safe, and if it is in the environment, anywhere, via the rain, air, animals, etc., it is in some way going to affect us. You’ve also probably heard about stores selling out of potassium iodide as a means of protection against radiation. Because many people tend to be deficient in iodine, they will readily absorb iodine from the environment, if given the opportunity, and the body will not differentiate between absorbing regular iodine and radioactive iodine.

Additionally, it is because of exposure to toxins in our environment that we are iodine deficient. For example, you may be exposed to: fluorine in the water and in toothpaste; chlorine in water, pesticides, and insecticides; and bromine in white flour, pop, energy drinks, and other chemicals. Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine are all part of the halogen group on the periodic table. What this means is that these elements will bind to iodine receptors and prevent the body from absorbing iodine.

So, it is good to balance our body’s iodine supply in a healthy way. First, try to minimize your exposure to any of the halogen chemicals found in city water, toothpaste, white flour, pesticides, etc. Also, consider a natural iodine supplement. herbs etc sells a liquid iodine as well as Spirulina, a bluegreen algae that is another natural source. The best way to protect yourself is to be educated and be aware!