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Remedies for Dogs & Horses

Dogs & Horses

In January we decided to get a few ranch horses to help with cattle chores and for pleasure riding.  Wanting to take excellent care of them I started bring items home from herb etc like gelatin for better joints, flax seed oil for a healthy coat and a good round of herbal pumpkin for worming from time to time.  Well, a 1200 pound horse needs a few more capsules than a full grown person so I was opening a lot of capsules, as my horse Pistol can tell the difference between a snack and a pill.  Then a friend recommended a herbal supplement company for dogs and horses.        After reviewing their formulations and my usual inquisition about quality with their director, I     ordered kidney support, a wormer, a maintenance blend and a jar of salve.  All of them are excellent. Since Pistol approved and gobbles up his supplements in a little grain we decided to share our discovery by carrying their dog and horse line at the store.  Please show your support by trying a few of them on your pet and we will carry the whole line!