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Spotlight on Alumni…Barb Nurenberg

Barbara Nurenberg is a graduate of the fourth year natural health program at NITE and is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor.  Her interest in natural health began as far back as she can remember:   she has always enjoyed the beauty of people, animals, outdoors, nature, plants, flowers, the sun, moon, stars, the rivers, lakes, oceans, the seasons… and that there was some sort of interwoven matrix connecting everything.  She says, “I just always believed it could be abundant health in all areas if there was balance.”

Before becoming a naturopath, Barbara’s career was in management and sales.  She was good at what she did and enjoyed working with people but didn’t feel fulfilled.  She felt that there was something very specific she was supposed to do with her life.  Then, in 2006, she faced a health issue.  Searching for natural options, she kept “running into brick walls.”  Her health was not improving; she tried conventional Western medicine and was absolutely frustrated with the experience, the doctors, and the lack of compassion.  So, she vowed to find answers, because she knew with all her heart that there was another way.  One day, she heard an ad on the radio for a Holistic Health Practitioner class, and she called and signed up.  She relates, “At that time, I never heard of a Naturopathic Doctor but by taking the class and learning that there was so much more, I realized that a Naturopathic Doctor was exactly what I was supposed to do.”

One of the biggest changes in Barbara’s life since becoming a naturopath has been the realization that we are all on our own journey.  “I realize that I am in control of only me:  my choices, my decisions, the way I choose to live my life and the impact I am going to have in this world can come only from me.”  So, she tries to live life to the absolute fullest and take charge in order to help create a positive change for the good of this earth and all life on it.

Barbara’s practice is located in Lake Odessa, and she loves what she does and is very involved in her community.  She offers massage therapy, energy work, light, sound, and color therapies and loves to use essential oils, flower remedies, and herbs with her clients.  Seeing clients of all ages, she especially loves working with children, because “they are just so incredible and are so open to all therapies.”  She shares that her practice is an evolution and that she sometimes adds another service based on the request of her clients.

Educating is her favorite thing to do as a naturopath.  Barbara teaches classes on healthy eating, organics, gardening, honeybees, and other natural health topics.  She says, “Just listening to the client, allowing them to tell their story, no judgment, just listen….Their story will reveal the imbalance.”  And when the client makes this realization, Barbara can then impart information, education, and hope for good health in all areas of their life.  “My work is so gratifying; again, I get to see so many people leave my office or a class with hope.”

In regards to where she sees people needing the most help with their health, Barbara says, “Hands down – food.  It is the number one thing we all have in common, we EAT!”  She finds that a conversation about food is a great way to open the door to building a relationship with clients.  “People realize that we are an obese, excessive nation, and we are very unhealthy.  People want and seek help to overcome their food addictions.  They want change, and they want to be educated in this area.”  In Barbara’s classes, the topics include cooking healthy recipes, reading nutritional labels, food combining, pH balance, GMO’s, the lack of nutrition in processed and fast foods, the SAD (standard American diet) diet, emotional eating, and more.

Her advice to current and future naturopathic students is:  “Don’t ever forget you are a special, unique individual that has been hand-selected to receive this gift.”  She adds:  “Don’t be too hard on yourself, keep connected with like-minded folks, and don’t ever give up on your dreams.  Remember we are exactly what we think and believe we can be.  Don’t be afraid in what you believe in; know that you do make a difference in people’s lives.”  She says that naturopathy is the most rewarding work in terms of the opportunity to bring health and happiness to so many people.  “Don’t ever stop believing in yourself and the choice you made.”

Barbara, herself, feels very blessed and appreciative to be a Naturopathic Doctor and be a part of the awakening to natural health.