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Symbiosis Organic Sustainable Ranch

In 2004, Bessheen, Christian and Noah started a mission to create an outdoor extension
of the Naturopathic Institute and Naturopathic Community Center. After 10 years, that
adventure has gone from a place for the family and students to camp, have survival
classes and outdoor fun, to a developing and thriving place of learning and adventure.

The 72 acre ranch is a part of their family history and now, has a gorgeous pavilion, composting outhouses, a cottage, a cabin, sacred geometry gardens, an orchard, an earth sheltered home and greenhouse as well as an earth shelter barn and more.

The farm grows every year with new projects of circle vegetable gardens, sacred
geometry, and pastures for grass fed, chickens, turkeys, Scottish Highlander cattle,
lambs, a donkey named Honkey and so much more! Students, clients, members of
the Naturopathic Community Center and the public have enjoyed helping and learning as
this amazing ranch continues to grow and develop.

This year it is home of the 2014 National Grand Champion Highland Bull, and he is a beauty! Please look forward  to the summer magazine as we will having postings for
classes on canning, gardening, raising animals, sacred geometry and Chem Trail Busting.