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The Importance of Iodine

Iodine is extremely important to the functioning of the body, not to mention that it protects the thyroid from radiation in the event that nuclear weapons are used.
We are just beginning to see the results from the nuclear plant leaking after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The leakage in Japan was actually 30 times greater than that of Chernobyl, and it is having devastating effects both on people, (yes, even here in the United States), and animals.

Start taking 2 drops of iodine (NOT potassium iodide) daily. The liquid iodine at herbs etc is bioavailable, meaning it is easily used by the thyroid. Potassium iodide will block radiation from the thyroid but sends it into the bones, causing other health issues. So, stock up on your iodine; it will keep you healthy.