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“The Tackle Box”: Remedies to Have Ready

“The tackle box” is what we call our naturopathic first aid kit. In addition to a homeopathic remedy kit, the tackle box includes essential oils, herbs, and other natural remedies that are helpful to have on hand in first aid type situations. Here is what we would include:

Top 20 Oils
Basil—for insect bites; spasms; earaches; fainting, best to dilute before applying
Cinnamon—to purify water; anti-viral, fungal, and bacterial, even one drop will clean 1 gallon of water
Clary Sage—balances hormones; helps labor be more effective, especially good for woman
Cypress—circulation; colds; bronchitis; water retention
Eucalyptus—respiratory system; rub on chest or sinuses to open the airway, insect repellant
Frankincense—immune booster; emotional balance; great for growths, moles, etc; helps to ease the dying
Geranium—liver cleanser; skin balance; stops bleeding; great for burns or any skin injury
Helichrysum—stops bleeding; regenerates nerves and tissue; reduces inflammation
Lavender—burns; sprains; headaches; insomnia; the “universal oil”; calming in small amounts
Lemon—purify water; disinfectant; promotes happiness; great for stiffness and/or inflammation
Lemongrass—anti-inflammatory; repairs ligaments; best if diluted in repeated uses; use on most structural compl.
Marjoram—muscle aches and pains; nerve pain; temporarily reduces sex drive
Melaleuca—colds; sore throat; sunburn; wounds; fungus; warts; a top first aid remedy
Peppermint—pain reliever; headaches; indigestion; nausea; inflammation; freshens breath
Wintergreen—reduces fever; bone pain; urinary infections; anti-inflammatory
Peace & Calming—a blend of oils that calms the nerves, helps promote sleep if needed, uplifting, encouraging
Purification— a blend that neutralizes poisons and odors; repels bugs, mice, etc.
Thieves—a blend that is very popular for fighting bacterial and viral infections while stimulating the immunity
White Angelica—protects against negative energy; keeps others and yourself in more positive state
Valor—nicknamed “chiropractor in a bottle”: great for the spine and any ache or pain; grounding, focus

Top Herbs
Lobelia liquid is excellent for respiratory problems, including asthma, and is a deep muscle relaxant. It also works well when applied topically.
Capsicum stimulates digestion and enhances blood flow. It can also be used to stop bleeding both externally on a wound and internally for hemorrhaging or ulcers.
Golden Salve is a blend of oils and herbs that helps to soothe dry skin and promotes healing of wounds and burns.
Black Ointment is an herbal salve that promotes healthy skin and will draw out poisons and toxins.
Activated Charcoal is highly absorbent and helps to remove toxins and other irritants in the digestive tract.

What will you include in your kit? We hope this gives you some ideas that will be helpful.