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Uttati Oil Discount!

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Prayer & Meditation Oils Food for Thought:  Prayer is you talking, meditation is you listening!

Baraka – An 18 oil blend for grace, this formula helps the user relax their mind deeply to sustain feelings of happiness and peace.  It contains Lotus, Oak Moss, Rue, Tuberose, Geranium, Fennel, Cypress…

Hafez – This blend is designed to reach a deeper state of praying and meditating while keeping a clarity of mind and heightened  feeling of love and appreciation for the Divine. It contains  several potent oils.

Hallage – This blend is designed for one who wishes to dive deeply into introspection or self-awareness, allowing you to see yourself honestly and intellectually create change where needed.

Ibn Arabi –  This blend allows the tense person to reach a deep state of relaxation of both mind and body, allowing them to truly relax and be able to pray and meditate effectively.

Rabaa – This blend restores the feminine qualities of love and wisdom; it helps create inner peace and calm.   It helps fulfill the lifetime pursuit of becoming one with the Divine. Includes:  Rose, Aloes, Narcissus, Musk, Frankincense, Cypress, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Cinnamon…

Rumi – This blend helps bring out the strong intellect within each of us.  This blend restores the mind that has been clouded by stress and fatigue; it awakens the brain.  Includes:  Aloes, Amber, Rose Centifolia & Damascena..

Tasawuf – The goal of this blend is to help the user feel warmth and self-satisfaction, to help one feel at home with oneself.  It enhances your highest good character qualities and helps you use them.

Zekr – This blend helps one tune into their physical body, promoting physical activity as a source of well-being.   It helps one  reach a deeper level of internal celebration as would be discovered through physical exertion.