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Uttati Oils for a Calm Mind

My friends, ever since I learned about essential oils and their benefits for months after one single application, I’ve been hooked.  We use them for skin care, bathing, medicinally, perfumery, seduction, massage, first aid and even the laundry!  Please enjoy this special list of massage and relaxation blends designed by our Egyptian friend and founder of Uttati Oil, Raed!

Balancing:  Designed to reconnect the balance between the physical and the emotional.  Balances the right and left brain, harmonizes the energy centers of the body.

Deep Relaxation:  Deeply penetrating the tissues, this is a great one for diluting and using while massaging.  Reoxidizes the body and promotes toxin release created by overexertion of the body.  Promotes sleep and gentle dreaming.  Lavender, Orange, Frankincense, and Sandalwood, plus 9 other great oils!

Emotional Release:  If you lead a stress-filled life or have a lot on your mind, this will help you relax and bring you back to yourself.  It is excellent for trauma and emotional distress as well.  The energies of lotus provide the cornerstone of this blend.

Energy Booster:  Used to rejuvenate tired and stressed users by rousing sore muscles.  It stimulates the physical body while enhancing mental alertness.  If stress has exhausted you, this is your blend.  A unique blend of citrus and peppermints.

Quiet Mind:  Stills mental chatter, creates sense of calmness and clarity.  Great for children, adults and hyper friends!

Relaxation:  Lighter than the deep relaxation formula, it offers a soothing and gentle detoxifying experience.  It helps improve mood and productivity.  If you suffer from fatigue and have trouble concentrating or getting to sleep, this is your blend.

Stress Release:  Calm, relaxed, stress free.  Especially good when the mind suffers from anxiety.  Picking one blend to work with at a time is best, and rotate them every few weeks after you decide on two to three blends total.

Toning:  Strengthening the body back to normal after stress & high physical/mental demands.

Tranquil:  If coping with stress and high demands is a daily routine for you, then it’s time to support your nervous system with this blend of 32 well chosen nervine builders!