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Welcome New Instructors

NITE is pleased to announce the addition of new members to its instructing staff.

Please welcome:
Michelle Barber is instructing in the Therapeutic Body Work Practitioner program. As a practicing massage therapist and naturopathic doctor, Michelle brings valuable experience and practical knowledge to the classroom.

Heather Dexter is bringing her background of teaching, science, and childbirth to Anatomy II and III, Glandular Symphony, and Naturopathy for the Childbearing Years. Heather is a
skilled doula and naturopathic doctor, and her passion for natural health comes through
in her classes.

Sarah Mokma, a Natural Health Practitioner, is sharing her talent for working with the body’s energy system in Meridian Work and Light Healing Touch class.

Christina Roy works as a massage therapist and Natural Health Therapist. She is gracing
Body Work I, II, and III in the Natural Health Program with her skill, patience, and
enthusiasm for mastering the art of massage.

Suzy Sikora is a naturopathic doctor and herbal master. You will enjoy her fun and
educational presentations in Bach Flower Remedies class and in the NCC herbal

Jill Mattson is a musician, writer, researcher and artist. She has an extensive background
in sound therapy and color vibration. She lives in Pennsylvania and will teach the class
of Color and Sound. Jill’s books and music are available at Herbs etc.