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Your Body’s Timely Message

Do you wake up every night at 2 a.m.? Do you have a headache in the front of your head daily just after 5 p.m.? Do you every wonder why: why this, everyday, and at this same time?
Most everyone has heard of circadian rhythms in relation to the body. It is probably most often referred to in terms of our sleep and wake cycles. However, each organ in the body has
its very own rhythm, as well. In fact, the physiological activities of the entire body are governed by the clocks of each individual organ. Every one of our organs has a two hour
peek period during the day when that organ is most active. If a particular organ is out of
balance, symptoms will be more noticeable during that organ’s two-hour period. For example, the liver’s time is between 1-3 a.m. If the liver is out of balance, you may frequently wake up out of sleep between these times or have hot flashes or other liver-type symptoms.

The times for each organ are:
5-7 a.m. : large intestine
7-9 a.m. : stomach
9-11 a.m. : spleen
11-1 p.m. : heart
1-3 p.m. : small intestine
3-5 p.m. : bladder
5-7 p.m. : kidney
7-9 p.m. : circulation
9-11 p.m. : triple warmer (thyroid,/pancreas/adrenals)
11-1 a.m. : gallbladder
1-3 a.m. : liver
3-5 a.m. : lungs

Start by paying attention to your body. The symptoms that you are experiencing are really just your body’s way of saying, “Hey, something is out of balance here, and I need your help.” Then, start noticing at what times these symptoms tend to reoccur. Now, you will have a better idea of which organ is trying to get your attention, and once you know, then you can use other natural health tools, like nutrition, herbs, and essential oils, to better help that area of your body come into balance. Once you do, your organs will be happier, and they will let you feel happier, too!

Amy Jo Howard
Newsletter writer and editor