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Alumni Spotlight on…Ann Cole, N.D. at Herbs & More

Before becoming a  Naturopathic Doctor, Ann Cole was a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  She was also frustrated.  She had come to a point in life where she had gained weight and was not happy with how she looked.  Her husband, Jason, had also gained weight, and after visiting their medical doctor, they were told to eat healthy and that would help them lose the weight.  Eat healthy:  what did that mean exactly?

Jason then attended a homeschooling conference that featured a naturopath as a guest speaker.  He came home excited with information about herbs and other natural remedies.  Ann’s dad, who was confined to bed waiting for back surgery, started taking some of the nutritional remedies recommended by the naturopath.  By the time he was due for surgery, the surgeon told him to keep doing what he was doing.  Ann’s dad got better without surgery and told Ann, “There is power in these herbs.  Let’s start a store with herbs.”

Herbs & More opened in April of 2007.  In May, Bessheen’s brother visited Ann’s store and told her about the Naturopathic      Institute, and by June, Ann was enrolled in the school.  She says she had no idea what she was getting into; she just wanted to gain some knowledge to better run her store.  Then, she says, “By class two, I found my passion.”  Ann graduated from the four year natural health program at NITE as a Certified Naturopath and is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor in 2012.

Located in Elkton, which is in the thumb area of Michigan, Herbs & More offers consultations, therapies, Nature’s Sunshine products, homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, essential oils, natural healthy and beauty products, natural cleaning supplies, and bulk herbs.  And, of course, healthy foods.

Ann says that she was telling her clients to eat healthy, but they had nowhere to get healthy food, so Herbs & More now carries organic meats, fruits, and vegetables, gluten free and dairy free foods, bulk foods, and other organic foods, like cheeses, milk, and frozen foods.

As a naturopath, Ann loves working with people and learning about minerals and how they work in the body.  She sees that most of her clients need help with their digestion and nervous systems.  A top priority is helping people learn how to cook and how to use different foods, especially avoiding wheat.  “Our food is our medicine, and we have lost the art of knowing how to eat to stay healthy,” Ann shares.

Ann, herself, has lost over 80 pounds since her journey into natural health began.  She feels healthier and has more energy.  She says, “My entire life has been turned upside right, and I see the world in a different light.”

To current natural health students, she offers the advice of keep on keeping on.  “The schooling is tough, but it is worth it when you are done.  When sitting down with people and being able to shine a light in their darkness; it is one of the best feelings ever.”  She also adds that one of your biggest clients is yourself.  “The healing I went through was well worth the schooling.  The first step starts with you and getting yourself healthy and educated before you can help other people.”

Herbs & More
5224 Whalen Street  Elkton, Michigan.
Contact Ann at 989-375-2237 or visit their website  www.herbsmore.com.