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New Symbiosis Ranch Classes!

Learning to be a sustainable steward is now a hands on experience!  Welcome to the   Symbiosis Ranch!  In community with the Naturopathic Community Center, we are         offering summer classes on multiple topics.

Your attendance guarantees future classes and even more topics.  Students of the             Naturopathic Institute can use these classes towards internship hours.

Classes are from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Mondays. Please pack a lunch, plenty of drinking water, gloves for working, garden shoes or boots every time, note taking material and cameras are welcome. Each class is only $59 with a package special of $49 when you register and pay for 4 or more ranch classes. Register now with herbs etc at                 (989)773-3636!

Symbiosis Ranch: Sustainable Living Classes

June 14th – Dirt and Carrots Love Tomatoes                                                                           The Miracle of Life Thru Composting & Soil and Companion Planting

June 28th – Intro to Biodynamic Gardening
Beyond Organic

July 28th – Protecting Your Land From Chemicals and EMF’s                                           Making Chem. Trail and EMF Busting Tools

Aug. 23rd  – The Forest Walk
Learning to Identify and Eat Mushrooms

Sept. 8th  – Canning
Pressure Canning for the Beginner

Oct. 11th  – Canning
Jellies, Jams, Tomatoes and More