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Beautiful Smiles Free from Fluoride

Toothpaste is another personal care product to choose carefully. Fluoride found in toothpaste can be very harmful to one’s health. Fluoride is a man-made chemical that
adversely affects the brain, reproductive organs, and interestingly enough, the hard tissues of the body, like the teeth and nails.

Fluorine, on the other hand, is a natural element that actually does help the body form strong enamel and prevent tooth decay. Natural fluorine is found in raw goat’s milk,
sea plants, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and parsley. To have healthy teeth, eat those foods high in fluorine and avoid toothpastes with the chemical fluoride in them. Some fluoride-free tooth pastes to try are Young Living’s Thieves Dentarome toothpastes fortified with Thieves essential oil, Young Living’s KidScents toothpaste with essential oils that has a bubble-gum flavor, and Nature’s Sunshine’s Sunshine Brite Mint Tingle toothpaste with goldenseal, myrrh, green tea, and elderberry. Then, smile big and show off those healthy teeth!