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Stay Clean, Fresh, and Healthy Too!

Finding a healthy deodorant is very important. First, to state the obvious, you don’t want to smell bad, and also, you don’t want to put chemicals into your body. Most commercial
deodorants contain aluminum. Aluminum can be toxic to the body, affecting the arteries, the digestive system, and the brain. Also, many deodorants are labeled as antiperspirants, meaning that they prevent you from sweating. Your body sweats as a natural response to help release toxins; if you don’t sweat, you don’t release toxins, and they can build up and cause a variety of concerns. So, back to the original dilemma: how do you stay healthy and support one of your body’s natural channels of elimination without stinking? To make it easy, consider using Burt’s Bees deodorant with oil of sage or Young Living’s AromaGuard deodorant which can be found at herbs etc. Or, make sure to read the ingredient’s label and choose one that has natural-sounding ingredients that you can pronounce (in other words, they don’t sound like chemical toxins!).