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Brain Protection from Cell Phones

The Herbs, Etc. store is excited to carry CJ Radiation Free Earbuds!

If you read the fine print that comes with your cell phone, you will find that the manufacturer warns you not to put the phone up to your head.  This is because you are exposed to high levels of radiation from the phone whether or not you are talking on it.  Using a cell phone directly next to your ear exposes you to 1360 times the acceptable national standard for electromagnetic wave pollution.

The CJ Radiation Free Earbuds reduce your exposure to electromagnetic wave pollution by 99.9%.  They use an air tube headset which has the advantage of not allowing radiation to travel up the wire to the ear piece, and there are no speakers or electronics in the earpiece (so there is no EMF – electromagnetic frequency pollution).  The earbuds work with most phone models and have soft rubber cushions that provide a good fit and excellent sound quality.

If you use a cell phone, you will definitely want to stop in and pick up these earbuds.

Your health is worth it!