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Dear Friends, In This Wordly Moment by Bessheen Baker

Dear Friends,

May your hearts find peace and time for rest as the end of the year and the holidays approach. We have been enjoying the fall winds and beautiful color changes. The ranch and the boys give us plenty of joy and awe as life is always in a constant state of change and evolution.

Just as each of our personal lives evolve from season to season so does the state of our beautiful world.  Sometimes, it feels like the total collective of humanity is in a rough and tumble adolescent stage with  moments of great leaps forward and awkward days of immaturity and selfishness.

There have been plenty of questions about the emerging viruses around the globe and the real and perceived threat that they bring.  We have also been warned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to not make any claims concerning viruses like those currently in the news.  We are not even allowed to suggest what might prevent them, treat them or    otherwise help those who are concerned about their advancement across the globe. It appears as if we are all to wait for a vaccine or treatment by a heroic  allopathic and pharmaceutical business.

Well, my dear friends, I would not prefer either.  With the freedom of speech rights being used by some, for low integrity projects, I wish to exercise my right with the highest integrity, for the good of all, to inform you merely of my own plans, if or when there was ever an immune challenge that I wanted to prevent or help my body overcome should the need arise.

As always, we are required to remind you that if you are in a situation that calls for medical care or advice, you should immediately seek out such professionals. We do not make any claims for treatment, prevention or cure of any virus that should be treated by the medical establishment.

Within a small circle of well educated friends, we have discussed the movement of current virus activity, we have shared our research on the topic and have each made notes of how we might help ourselves. Here are my plans:

1.)  Time to buckle down on food and nutrition.  I will limit, to the extreme, sugar intake, carbonated drinks (even organic ones), processed foods, treats, and GMO foods. Even a simple corn chip made from non-organic sources is a challenge to body integrity.  I will drink plenty of good water, herbal teas and antioxidant rich juices.

2.)  Exercise is in high order, most especially the stretching and breathing forms:  all those that reduce body stress and allow better immune function.  I am  including cardio workouts but never at the expense of missing the stress reducing and relaxing component that is essential to a strong immune system.  I am  committed to moving my body and joints daily!

3.)  As winter approaches and cold weather is at hand, it is no longer a time for deep cleanses; it is better to build and repair!  I will stick to a regular regime of immune boosting herbs, nerve nourishing remedies and plenty of enzymes for breaking down all the proteins and particles that do not belong within the body.

4.)  Most especially, I will continue a daily practice of stillness and quiet time:  an opportunity to find perspective to rinse away all fear and replace it with faith and knowing that, ultimately, everything is in perfect order.  When 2% of the population chooses a higher path, the rest of the population is influenced to that higher calling, and I will remember this daily.

5.)  Finally, I will take time to enjoy, laugh and see the good in the smallest and simplest pleasures of life:  holding a perspective of wellness, appreciation and praise as that is the best way to strengthen immunity.

My stores of vitamins, minerals and others supplements will be fortified to include the basics, the best of immune boosters, virus fighters, pin pointed oils and several symptom specific homeopathics.

I am personally not a fan of the flu or other vaccines.  I feel they are a shot in the dark as they are determined the year prior to the year they serve; it’s educated guess work.  Additionally, if you are well educated on vaccines, you become aware of the fact that they contain experimental RNA and DNA as well as having several additives that are challenging to immunity.  Morally, many come from aborted fetal tissue. They create false wars that irritate and exhaust your immune system and have a lower effective rate against the actual condition than most people are aware. This information has been available for a long time and is backed by the Center for Disease Control’s own documents and numerous medical doctors, including top neurosurgeons such as Russell Blaylock.

My concern, and those of my educated friends, is that having the flu and other vaccines allows for mutation and spread of other viruses by contact with those    exposed to experimental RNA and DNA substances.  How well does the common person understand the path in which viruses replicate and transfer from one species to another?  What happens with herd mentality and fear?  Is our God given and perfectly evolved immune system better improved by man made materials and serums or naturally occurring substances that already match our internal structure?

One should be happy to be self reliant. I don’t expect anyone to be responsible for me; I will see to the needs of myself and my family.  I will boost my immune system and have on hand the items needed to help it navigate challenges that may or may not occur. There is so much empowerment and reduction in fear when one is educated and prepared.  I will avoid contact with an active problematic public and remove myself from it as needed.  I will not expose others if I am challenged.  I will seek help if the problem is beyond my skill set.

My supply list will include the following:

A store of healthy foods suited for my entire family as per our family plan mentioned before.

A means for clean water, even without power due to extreme weather or economic conditions.

Vitamin C for boosting immunity, with chewable and powdered for children.

Protease Plus enzymes for digesting foreign proteins.

Zinc, Vitamin D3, Iodine, Boron and Selenium for a healthy immune system and fully functioning DNA.

Essential oils like Thieves from Young Living or Essential Shield from Nature’s Sunshine for reducing catching virus or bacteria from others.

Silver Shield for a natural bacteria and virus fighter.

The amino acids L-Lysine and L-tyrosine as they are inhibitors of virus movement in the body. (Available thru NSP as L-Lysine and Relief Formula)

Natural Fluorine (Calc Fluor) and Silica homeopathics as they fortify cell wall integrity.

Coconut water for extreme dehydration.



Gelsemium – for weakness, drowsiness, dullness
Arsenicum –  for exhaustion
Phosphorus –  for bleeding
Crotalus Horridus –  for extreme bleeding
Lachesis  -for dark purple colorations, bleeding
Ferr Phos –  for fever with weakness
Belladonna –  for intense fever
Bryonia  – dryness, stitching pains, painful movements
Isopathic Remedies (antidotes) for specific viruses

I hope you stock up as well.