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Dances of Universal Peace

Join Sister Marie Kopin for an opportunity to experience a number of healing practices in a
unique way. Healing of the body is imbedded not only in our physical and energetic bodies but in our loving connections with our creator and other people. The Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) are a world-wide movement offering a glimpse of these kinds of connections leading to attainment of the Divine Presence. They blend chant, live music, and evocative motion into a living experience of unity, peace, and integration.

Sister Marie has been active in this movement since 1990 and is hoping to complete
certification as a Dance Leader in the next 2 years. She is offering an opportunity for one
or more ‘Dancing Buddies’ to join her in study and practice of a variety of spiritual approaches through the DUP. If you are interested in finding out more about the Dances and how they have drawn on sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of many spiritual traditions, please contact her at 989-772-9453.