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Massage Licensing November 2014

ATTN: Massage Therapists!

New Michigan Law – All Massage Therapists are Required to be Licensed – Takes Effect November, 2014! Take advantage of grandfathering in for your Massage Therapist License. To complete the licensure process, visit the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Website: Under the Licensed Health Professions drop down, choose Massage Therapy, and click the GO button.

Download the Massage Therapist Application Packet – it’s 17 pages long, including all of
the forms. Read carefully, especially each of the Methods by which you can become licensed by application (grandfathered). Based on the Method that best fits your current
state of practice, follow the instructions. If you choose Method 5, then you will need to
forward a copy of Section I, and the original forms of Section II, Section III and Section IV to:
NITE, ATTN: Massage License
Forms, 503 East Broadway
Street, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

There is no charge for this service. Your materials will be sent directly to the Michigan Board of Massage Therapy within a couple days of receiving them in the office.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please give us a call: (989) 773-1714.