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Oils for the Bedroom

The following aphrodisiac blends have been especially designed to work together to invoke, restore, or repair love and deepen passion.

INTENS (Formula 1): This preparatory blend lays the foundation for relationship by powerfully arousing and invigorating latent emotional warmth, physical desire and sexual response. It can be used by either a man or a woman to awaken a continuing stream of
Caution: Use with care. These potent blends are best used when you are alone at night with your partner in the bedroom. Wearing it during the day in public places may incite a riot.

ESSENS (Formula 2): This deeply sensual blend stirs the imagination, warming the heart and strengthening the flame of physical desire. It starts where INTENS ends. It was created to boost the effect of the first blend by deepening and opening communication
between lovers, intensifying affec tion and the level of physical response. Unselfish kindness and caring for the other’s well being is increased.

EXTENS (Formula 3): This highly complex blend was created specifically to heighten and enhance the power of the previous two blends. After you have used INTENS and ESSENS continually for three months, replace them with EXTENS for one month. This blend does not play any specific role by itself, it was created solely to work in concert with the other

Heart to Heart (Formula 4): You are in love, and you love life. The world is your playground, and you joyfully share with your beloved all of its pleasures. You are
two beings drinking from the same cup of wine, gazing into each other’s eyes and breathing as one. The very special blend deepens your union. Helpful to heal from relationship hurts past or present.

Soul to Soul (Formula 5): This blend represents the culmination of love at the highest level of union. It is very attractive and must be used for true and deep love and attraction! Do not use for early dating! Rendezvous A sophisticated blend, an invitation to intimacy, kindling the warmth of emotional expression and stirring the desire for physical communication. It includes over 20 rare and precious oils such as Amber, Buddha Wood,
Jasmine, Musk, and Neroli.

Flirtation: Especially created for lovers to entice and excite while preparing the mood for romance and sensual evenings alone together. It is made from Bergamot, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Nutmeg, and 8 other essential oils known for their
unique aphrodisiac properties.

True oils may not smell as good to the American nose straight from the bottle. They must be worn and allowed to mix with your chemistry
to truly express themselves.