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Extra, Extra Herbs for Children!

Just a few generations ago, most people used home remedies when their children were sick.   The allopathic doctor was called upon only when the problem was serious or failed to respond to these home remedies.  Today, few parents know how to use home remedies.  Most take their children to the doctor for relatively benign ailments like colds, flu and tummy aches.

8 Great Liquid Herbal Remedies 

Here are a few herbal products that are safe to use with children when you follow the dosage guidelines in the next column.

ALJ Liquid: Expectorant and decongestant for sinus congestion, coughs, colds and flu.  It also helps to    reduce reactions when children have food sensitivities.

Catnip and Fennel: A traditional blend for colic and indigestion in infants and children.

CC-A with Yerba Santa: A top choice for cold and respiratory infections whether viral or bacterial.

Echinacea/Goldenseal: Antibacterial blend helpful for digestive infections and sinus or respiratory infections with yellow or greenish colored mucus.

Lobelia Essence: Antispasmodic to ease pain from muscle tension, helpful for croupy cough and opening respiratory passages in asthma.  Small doses of 3 to 5 drops are best.

Stress J:  A relaxing nervine formula suitable for children.  Also helps soothe any kind of inflammation, especially of the digestive tract.

Ultimate Echinacea:  Great for boosting the immune system during the cold and flu season.  Also helpful for bacterial infections and treatment of wounds.

Distress Remedy:  A top seller! Helps with emotional upset, anger, fear or sadness.  Eases shock and stress in traumatic situations. Can also be applied topically.  Generally, a squirt for the parent is a good idea too.  Can stabilize anxiety and depression as well.