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Remedies for Specific Conditions

Allergies:  Understanding that all allergies whether food, plant or animal related start in the gut is the first step to full recovery.  When the gut gets tiny perforations or leaks, the material within the small intestine leaks out and these “super large undigested foreign proteins” cause our immune system to attack them!  Hence, the allergic reaction.  The first step is to heal the small holes in the intestines. These can be brought on by vaccines that over stimulate a gut reaction early in life, to many processed foods, foods the body does not recognize like Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s, as well as parasite problems.  The solution is fairly easy, but most modern families lack the discipline and know how to heal the gut.  Bone broth and a very healthy diet and good fats for 6 to 12 months clears allergies up for most children and adults.  See a Certified Naturopath at herbs etc if you need assistance getting started.  There are also great herbs to speed the process and free classes available all year round to help you gain knowledge and confidence.

Earaches:  Our favorite remedy for this is Garlic and Mullein ear drops.  This reduces the pain and fights the root cause.  Parents love how fast acting it is on a crying little one.  We also use an oral remedy called CBG; it is a liquid herbal blend designed specifically for ear aches.


















Anxiety: It can be very hard to watch our child suffer from anxiety and simply saying, “try not to worry” is not nearly enough.  This is a major nutrition problem and can see quick results with 4 key areas being addressed.  First, we need to figure out a little brain chemistry which can be done non-invasively, and the remedy is a well chosen amino acid supplement.  Next, we can choose a flower essence that is made specifically for their individual concerns and apprehensions. Third, a large and daily dose of good fats, even 2 to 4 tablespoons is not uncommon and solves the dry brain of being in schools or homes that have stress. Finally, let’s not forget how important B vitamins are and how under supplied they are in the American diet.   We also like to make a special roller bottle blend of oils that the child can use themselves as needed.  It’s a great secure feeling to know you can help yourself by smelling something made especially for you!