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Focus on Circulation: My Story by Rodney Kiger

Circulation: This may seem like a fairly broad topic, but a well-functioning circulatory system is imperative to life. Circulation includes the flow of blood throughout the body;
that blood carries oxygen and nutrition to each and every cell in the body and also helps to take away the cell’s wastes. Without this system, the cells would die. We are only as healthy as our cells. Continue reading for ideas to improve your circulation and your life!

My Story by Rodney Kiger

A bit skeptical at best, I reclined back in the dental chair for the first in a series of amalgam removals, clinging to hope that this might be the Divine answer to the prayers asked. A few years earlier, a prominent neurologist told me: “you have Parkinson’s disease.” I showed all the classic symptoms: loss of memory, motor control, and balance, worsening tremors, and speech (complete confusion when trying to read aloud).

Shortly after a healing prayer service, I met (by chance?) Dr. Bessheen Baker from Mt. Pleasant. She looked into my eyes and said, “Something is poisoning you, and I think it may be mercury. You need to start by getting the silver fillings out of your mouth.” She referred me to Dr. Philip Dahl for the specialized procedure.

My former doctor and dentist rolled their eyes and said, “That’s crazy,” and other words of advice. I decided to follow where I felt God was leading. So, with all the reluctance everyone has about getting their teeth drilled, I decided to go forward. With all the protective gear and oxygen pumping, I felt like an astronaut ready for launch, holding to hope for a successful mission. As I regained feeling on the drive home, I said to myself, “I think I feel better.”

The next visit to the dental chair was with great anticipation. As I returned home after the last amalgam removal, I felt that my tremors were reduced by nearly 75%, in less than one week. Several years later now, and with continued heavy metal detox, I feel my life has been renewed.

My thanks go to Dr. Bessheen and friends, Dr. Dahl and friends, and above all, to the Lord, my God, for showing me the way.