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Voice Analysis Finds Organ Weakness

Did you know that the sound of your voice reflects the quality of your health? Every organ in your body functions at a certain frequency. Musical notes each have their own frequency, as well, and when an area of your body is out of balance, your voice comes out of tune, so to
speak. Let’s illustrate the musical notes and their corresponding physical areas:

C — Thyroid and lymph
C# — Right kidney, tendons, and ligaments
D — Left kidney and arteries
D# — Adrenals and parasites
E — Spleen, thymus, and candida
F — Pancreas, eyes, and ears
F# — Brain and pituitary
G — Neurotransmitters and liver
G# — Enzymes and gallbladder
A — Bladder and lungs
A# — Heart and heart valves
B — Large intestine

It is easy to analyze your voice and determine health imbalances; you simply speak into a
microphone for a few minutes, and then, with the help of a special computer analysis, your
naturopath will interpret which areas are showing the most stress and then, make recommendations specific to you.