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How Your Birthday Determines Your Mineral Needs

by Kara McNabb, N.H.E.

German biochemist William Scheussler found that when specific minerals were lacking, disease is present. Certain minerals are more abundant during certain times of the year. This is seen in our food supply, and it’s also true for our tissue development. To determine which minerals you may be abundant or deficient in, take a look at your own birthday.

During fetal development, minerals were magnetized to your tissue during each month you were in the womb. From conception to birth, you gather nine of the 12 sets of minerals fairly well. The three months of the year that you’re not in the womb, however, speaks of the minerals that you may be more deficient in.

Another consideration to note is when your parents and grandparents were born, especially if you were born in the same month as them. Understanding which minerals you are abundant or potentially deficient in can help you personalize your health program, as you may begin to see a pattern of mineral deficiencies or strengths. These mineral sets that build the basic framework of our body tissues can be found in the homeopathic cell salts developed by Scheussler.

The chart lists each cell salt number and its mineral combination, the time of year it corresponds to and the body parts that require these minerals. If you find one of these areas to be especially weak, consider taking the corresponding cell salt at a 6x potency. Take 3-4 pellets several times a day for several seasons.